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Honda CBR 150R 2014 VS CBR 150R 2016 Version Comparison

Last updated on 28-Dec-2023 , By Saleh

Many times we have stated that Honda  CBR 150R is the best motorbike in Bangladesh considering all the aspects of 150cc category except the price (Source).

I think no one can ignore the name Honda CBR who definitely loves motorbikes. And when talking about this specific motorcycle, enthusiasm touches the peak no doubt.

So today we are here to blend up your enthusiasm with more juice with Honda CBR 150R 2014 VS CBR 150R 2016 Version Comparison. Therefore let’s head in to taste what the juice herewith for you.

Honda CBR150R 2016 Video Review

honda-cbr-150r-2014-vs-2016-comparisonasic Changes Between Honda CBR 150R 2014 & 2016 Versions

The modern second generation and forth generation of Honda CBR 150R comes with completely different looks and style. Actually the first and second after that third and fourth generation of Honda CBR 150R are manufactured on same platform.


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To make it clearer first two generation of Honda CBR 150R comes with single head lamp and twin tube diamond frame. And the third & fourth generation comes with twin head lamp on diamond truss frame. Here first two are Thailand version and last two versions are Indonesian version.

Here we will discuss on the second and fourth generation of Honda CBR 150R. Those are Honda CBR 150R 2014 single headlamp version and the Honda CBR 150R 2016 dual headlamp version.


Looks & Design Variation Between Honda CBR 150R 2014 & 2016 Versions

So where we halted that is both versions of CBR 150R differs in core construction including the exteriors. But one thing we should assure that both the DNA are same.

It directly comes from Honda Racing DNA that is Cross Beam Racer (CBR). So the core is unchanged.

You will find massive difference between both Honda CBR 150R 2014 & 2016 versions. The head lamp and tail part caries the identical part of changes. Moreover whole body part shows the differences.

Only the fuel tanks are still in iconic shape with some other minor body parts like handlebar, lever, pedals etc on both models.


At a glace the 2014 model of Honda CBR 150R is quite polished and sober in shape. But the 2016 model is far sharper and aggressive in looks and shape. Overall sharper theme applied on the new version of Honda CB R150R.

Both the version of Honda CBR 150R comes with attractive color scheme on full faired body. Both the model covered with optimum level of aerodynamic cowling. Seating position also quite differs between both models of CBR 150R.


Both the model comes with split type seating arrangement. The 2014 model split seat like quite attached. But the new 2016 model comes with completely split & separated seat for rider and pillion. And it is something aggressive like Yamaha R15 V2.

The grab rail also hidden under pillion seat in 2016 model where double horn rails are visible with 2014 model. The exhaust pipes also come with huge differences where both the models have the different appeal.

The 2014 model comes with regular halogen bulb in the head and tail lamp including other signal and pilot lamps. But the new 2016 model of Honda CBR 150R comes with all LED light with eye catching eyebrow DRL on dual head lamp.


The one of most significant attraction of a bike is the odo console. The 2014 version comes with digital odo meter with traditional large rev counter.

On the other side new 2016 version of Honda CBR 150R comes with completely new and full digital odo with digital rev indicator.

It gives the greeting with SEE YOU when you switch off the bike. To be frank I really love both of them as both of them have the different appeal and taste; we think you also will be agree.


The frame of both the models of Honda CBR 150R comes with massive differences we mentioned before. The over all dimensions are also differs similarly.

The 2014 version is little larger than the 2016 version of Honda CBR 150R. But on the contrary new 2016 version comes with comparatively larger wheelbase than the 2014 version.

The other parts like small parts are unchanged and match with each other. The suspensions are still the same but PT Astra Honda Motor, Indonesia mentioned as the rear suspension of new 2016 CBR 150R has realigned with swing arm for better stability and controlling features.


Mechanical Differences Between Honda CBR 150R 2014 & 2016 versions

So guys, the exterior differences of Honda CBR 150R we have discussed a quite. Wish to sketch those more clearly after getting the machine landed at our stable. So now let head in the mechanical part.

Please be sure as the real juice is here. Before juicing you up let’s take a thorough look on the specific similarity and differences between both machine.

[table id=77 /]

Guys, to be very frank for this article I have thoroughly researched and analyzed all the versions of Honda CBR 150R both from Thailand and Indonesian versions. The India-Thai version was also was in my concern. So here is the summery of my research.

If I categorize very clearly all the Honda CBR 150R models from Thailand and Indonesia, they are manufactured very separately but absorbing the core CBR Racing DNA.

The Thailand version CBR comes in sequence of their heavier siblings of CBR 250R. But the Indonesian version developed from the CB version blending with higher capacity CBR DNA. So here is some high blend of twists but both are positive.


The most significant difference between two versions of Honda CBR 150R is their dimension of the piston, cylinder and connecting rod.

The 2014 model of CBR 150R comes with the bore & stroke of 63.5mm & 47.2mm. And new 2016 version comes with the bore & stroke of 57.3mm & 57.8mm.

So you can see the 2014 model is over square and the new model is solid square engine. So let’s analyze the merits and demerits of both machine.


Over square engine is too much smooth at all RPM of engine operation. But it lacks some acceleration at initial and high rev stage considering other regular engine.

In such low capacity engine it is also very hard to gain higher compression but this model of CBR 150R can gain 11.1:1 compression ratio. So this machine is completely an on track machine. This shows it is more capable on regular road than the uneven terrain.


On the other side new 2016 Honda CBR 150R comes with quite solid shape of square engine. Here compression increased a little and that is 11.3:1 which is nice & comfortable enough.

But it could be increased more as it is a square engine. But this characteristic made it to be smothering and durable more in its life span if the building material is used same.

This 2016 version machine can also ensure smooth operation at its all RPM band. But significant thing is that, it can accelerate more than the previous model of Honda CBR 150R. Very especially at initial and high rev situation. I think you got the magic!


The 2014 Honda CBR 150 can produce 18.28BHP of power at 10,500RPM and 12.66NM of torque at 8,500RPM. On the other side the new 2016 CBR 150R produces 17.1BHP of maximum power at 9,000RPM and 13.7NM of torque at 7,000RPM. So you can see 2014 model of CBR can produce more power then the new 2016 model.

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Here the twist is 2014 model squeezes its maximum capability at higher RPM band like 10,500 & 8,500RPM. So in lower RPM band it can ensure more fuel efficiency while moving in city or when in low speed cruising.

But when you need the thrust it will burn more fuel at higher RPM to gain the maximum capability. And higher RPM operation made it quite lazy at initial rev stage. Simultaneously it becomes lazy at high rev stage due to lower torque.


On the other side 2016 model operated at a lowered RPM band. Here fuel consumption variation is not in significant amount like the 2014 model. Low RPM operation made the machine always ready to fight at all RPM band.

So exceeding the power RPM band you can fight more on the road. Moreover it can ensure comparatively decent acceleration at its all RPM stages.

Matter To Be Considered Between Honda CBR 150R 2014 & 2016 versions

Considering top speed and maximum capability the old version of Honda CBR 150R has more power than the new one. But new version is advanced one step forward considering the torque. So here capability of both machine come near to equal.


More over high RPM operation demerit of 2014 model and low RPM operation advancement of 2016 model puts them again in same speed line.

But initially 2016 model may stay one step forward. And to put the 2016 Honda CBR 150R one more step forward it also comes with 135kg of kerb weight where 2014 model is 138Kg.

I have mentioned earlier Indonesian 2016 CBR 150R manufactured in blend of CB series with CBR Racing DNA. So the engine is square and one more thing is that it ensures higher level of fuel efficiency.

As Indonesian motoring blog SEMI SENA ensured +/- 39.72kmpl of fuel efficiency considering standard situations. On the other side we got +/-35kmpl on 2014 Honda CBR 150R in Bangladesh.


Sum up N Thumbs UP!

So readers, I think here we have spiced you up enough with our findings. Let me make it clear that all the spices here actually theoretical.

But I believe that will come true while we tasting the new machine in real. Wish the gorgeous moment coming very soon.

Therefore before the ending, here I should summarize a little more about the machines. Here both the Honda CBR 150R 2014 & 2016 version very near to tie position considering mechanical aspects.

But the implementation of some new blends the new 2016 Honda CBR 150R has little advancement.

To be more précised the old 2014 Honda CBR 150R seems to be ride smoother than the new one but with dropped acceleration at initial & high rev stage. It also quite a bit sacrificed in terms of fuel efficiency as it is an on track racing mule.

On the other side the new 2016 Honda CBR 150R can be fuel efficient machine ensuring more acceleration at its all RPM band. And due to lower weight it can move equal or faster than the previous model. That’s it.

*All the specifications ares subject to change upon company rules, policy, offer & promotion. BikeBD is not liable for the changes. 

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FAQ - Frequently Ask Question:

1. Why is Honda motorcycle so expensive?

Ans- Honda motorcycle is so expensive because of on the term of built quality and performance Honda motorcycle are much better than other companies motorcycle.

2. Is Honda Chinese or Japanese?

Ans- Honda is a Japanese brand.

3. What does Honda mean In Japan?

Ans- It means "Orginal Rice Paddy". 

Published by Saleh

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