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Suzuki Gixxer SF vs Yamaha Fazer Fi V2 - Comparison Review

Last updated on 28-Dec-2023 , By Saleh

These days in 150cc full fairing motorcycle segment Suzuki Gixxer SF vs Yamaha Fazer Fi competing hard on our roads. I such situation our riders are also in confusion in terms of buying. Consequently we are herewith Suzuki Gixxer SF vs Yamaha Fazer Fi V2 - Comparison Review.

suzuki gixxer sf vs yamaha fazer fi

Suzuki Gixxer SF Overview

Suzuki first brought the Gixxer in the market in year 2014, the bike was so successful that they thought to bring a new variant of the same motorcycle and they did, it was named Gixxer SF, SF stands for “Sports Fairing”. Gixxer SF shares same aesthetics as the Gixxer from flesh to bones. Full fairing of the Suzuki Gixxer SF gives it a very sporty look and makes it more aero dynamic.

This full faired motorcycles are loved by the young crowd mostly. Thinking of a fully faired motorcycle the names which comes into our mind are Yamaha YZF R15 and Honda CBR, both these category bikes are very famous among the young people but because of the high price margins these sport variant bikes are not affordable to many.

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Despite of the fact that Suzuki Gixxer SF comes with a full body kit but it is not a track focus bike like the Yamaha R15 rather it is a daily commuting bike which can be occasionally used for touring and highway riding. The Gixxer SF was designed by the same engineers from Japan who designed the Suzuki GSXR 1000 which is the predecessor of the Gixxer.

The Gixxer SF was aerodynamically tested in the same wind tunnel where the moto gp bike GSXRR and the giant Suzuki Hayabusa was tested; the aim was to deduce the air drag and increase high speed stability. Unlike the aluminum finish on the exhaust pipe and new clam handle bar SF is identical to is sibling Gixxer.

A question might pop up in the readers mind that the sports faring on the Gixxer SF add weight which might make it heavier of a bit slower than the naked Gixxer. The answer is “NO”, despite of the fact that the fairing adds 4kgs weight on the bike but SF reaches a good top speed than the naked Gixxer and reduces more wind blasts. This was an anecdote about the Suzuki Gixxer SF and Gixxer.


Yamaha Fazer Fi V2 Overview

Now let’s talk about the recent launch of the latest bike in the Bangladeshi market the Yamaha Fazer – fi V2. The most awaited bike of the year by the young motorcycle enthusiasts. The new Fazer- fi V2 entered the market through ACI motors previously Yamaha bikes were imported by Karnaphuli motors.

The trend of 150cc touring bike were introduced by Yahama Fazer 153 and then the Japanese rival Suzuki introduced Gixxer SF. The Yamaha Fazer is already a successful model undoubtedly for which Yamaha has decided to upgrade the Fazer. Not only cosmetic changes are done on the Fazer-fi V2 but always Yamaha’s “Blue Core” fuel injection technology was introduced in the Fazer V2. Its new sharper new look has grabbed the eye balls of the motorcycle enthusiasts.

The Fazer was previously known for its refined and smooth engine and now the fuel injection has done its job quiet well and makes the bike’s engine super refined. The previous model fazer had complains about its fuel economy, think of this fact Yamaha has done a good engineering on this Version 2 model by deducting the cubic capacity by a few number which gives a better mileage than the previous one.

suzuki-gixxer-sf-vs-yamaha-fazer-f-v2-comparison reviewi

Suzuki Gixxer SF vs Yamaha Fazer Fi V2 - Head To Head Comparison

The Suzuki Gixxer SF in a single cylindered air cooled 155cc engine with 14.6 Bhp and 14NM torque. It clocks a top speed of 131 km/h and gives a decent mileage about 40km/L. Gixxer SF weighs 139 kg which is definitely the heavier one with its competitor. Whereas the Yamaha Fazer-fi V2 has a 149cc single cylindered two valve engine with 12.9 Bhp and produces 12.8 NM of torque. Yamaha Fazer-fi  V2 is 2kg lighter than the Gixxer SF which mean 137kg and gives a little more mileage about 43km/L. Fazer-fi V2 reaches a top speed about 120km/h.

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These were the Engine specs which are mostly given on papers, apart from this the bikes has similarities like they have fully digital meter, an eco-mode indicator, telescopic front suspension, mono shock absorber, alloy rings, front 100/80-17 and rear 140/60-17 tubeless tyres. The Gixxer SF has a gear indicator and two trip meters which misses out in Fazer-fi V2. Fazer-fi V2 is given a well cushioned wide split seat assembly with a new shape grab rail and the Gixxer SF has a single seat and a round shaped grab rail. Gixxer Sf would look sportier if it had a split seat.


Suzuki Gixxer SF vs Yamaha Fazer Fi V2 - Styling & Comfort

Both the bikes boast of their looks in their own ways, a fully body kit on the SF makes it look like a Hayabusa from the front and the Yamaha Fazer-fi  with duel headlamp with a semi fairing is a beauty of its genre. The riding position on both the bikes are upright, despite having a sport fair on the Gixxer SF the rider do not have to lean on the handle bars while riding.

The SF has mono color variants like Black, red, Blue (moto gp edition) and White; Fazer has duel color combination with eye catching graphics on it. The Fazer look more edgy, sharper and wider than the SF and SF looks sportier than the Fazer, though there are complaints against built quality of the plastics on Gixxer bike for which Fazer V2 steps one step further towards bonus points as there are no such issues regarding the built quality of the Yamaha bikes.


Suzuki Gixxer SF vs Yamaha Fazer Fi V2 - Handling and Power

Yamaha Fazer is well known for its stability, control, better braking, engine refinement but the Gixxer SF excels in terms of power. The suspensions on both the bikes are adequate bump in and out of the pot holes with ease. Gixxer SF can take sharp turns around the corners, can lean more than Fazer while the Fazer makes you feel more comfortable in the twisty.

The gear shifts feels a bit clunky, despite having a 5 speed gear box in the Gixxer  SF, but the SF has a crispy throttle, the engine is tuned to broad low end torque and punchy mid-range, just twist the throttle, you can feel the raw power of the engine and the fairing help you to main a three digit speed very smoothly.

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Speed or engine performance is not what you always need, riding comfort, better fuel economy, and a much refined engine brings satisfaction to a rider, in which the Fazer V2 takes all the points, tapping brakes at a higher speed on a Fazer you would feel the level of stability this bike provides, a smoother engine sound brings rhythm while riding, the semi faring is ample to give the rider wind protection.

Suzuki Gixxer SF vs Yamaha Fazer Fi V2 - Drag & Brake

If both the bikes are put on to a drag race surely the Suzuki Gixxer SF will win with a substantial margin but while braking from a high speed to zero, Fazer has the best braking record.


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Suzuki Gixxer SF vs Yamaha Fazer Fi V2 - Verdict

Choosing one bike over the other would not be wise enough at a glance because both the bikes are priced at a margin of 3 lac BDT, so which on to choose is purely subjective. We have tried to cover all the major points here in this article, keeping in mind which bike serves your purpose of riding you can easily choose any one of these motorcycles. If you want a performance bike with high speed, much power and Sporty looking motorcycle then go for Suzuki Gixxer SF and if you want a bike with best comfort, smooth engine and better braking then Yamaha Fazer-fi V2 is what you need! Lets See Suzuki sf price in Bangladesh in our website.

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