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Honda CB Shine 125 VS Bajaj Discover 125 Comparison Review

Last updated on 28-Dec-2023 , By Saleh

In the commuter motorcycle segment the 125cc motorcycle day by day getting trendy in Bangladesh. These days our commuter users are searching for better options in 125cc segment.

In this fragment Honda CB Shine 125 and Bajaj Discover 125 are doing nice in our market. Subsequently there lots of queries come frequently on them (Source).

Therefore here is our discussion on Honda CB Shine 125 VS Bajaj Discover 125 Comparison Review to deal with those queries. Let’s search out some details.

Honda CB Shine 125 VS Bajaj Discover 125 Comparison Review


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In real the commuter users are significantly concentrated on fuel economy of their bike. Again fuel economy is the core concentration for using a commuter where after that low maintenance, reliability and durability comes.

But there are some commuter users who comparatively search for more power with some modern and sporty feature. But that doesn’t mean they are not determined on the common commuter features.

In such demanding situation 125cc commuter is a better solution. Therefore 125cc commuters are the most challenging segment in Bangladesh.

Here fuel efficiency is commonly most demanding feature but power play is another significant enhancement to satisfy the customer thirst.

Here Honda CB Shine 125 and Bajaj Discover 125 are much closer to meet all the requirements of the power commuter users. So question comes which to choose and why? Here both the bike have some advancement and simultaneously has the lags after one another. So discussion comes on comparison.


Honda CB Shine 125 VS Bajaj Discover 125 - Looks & Design Comparison

These days looks and design getting significance among the commuter users especially within the 125cc motorcycle users. So manufactures try to ensure good looking and modern design to get position in the market competition.

In terms of looks and design both the bike Honda CB Shine 125 & Bajaj Discover 125 are designed with very decent and appealing looks.

In the competition between Honda CB Shine 125 VS Bajaj Discover 125 both the bike designed following with quite same trend.

But considering over all appearance both of them got different look. They look different due to some area design and graphics difference.

Both the bike follows quite same theme in design but the fuel tank and headlamp assembly makes the different identity. The differences are really significant & iconic.

In comparison Honda CB Shine follows quite conventional shape on fuel tank and headlamp assembly. On the other side Bajaj Discover 125 designed more attractively.


Honda CB Shine 125 VS Bajaj Discover 125 - Wheel, Brake & Suspension Comparison

Coming to the wheel, brake and suspension system both the bike Honda CB Shine VS Bajaj Discover 125 followed the same type of assemblies. Both the bike comes with all alloy rims.

Here the CB Shine rim size is 18” where it more capable to travel on all kind of terrain than the 17” rims of Discover 125. The tires of Honda also have the advancement as those are tubeless type. On the other side Discover 125 comes with traditional tube tires.

Coming to the braking system both the bike comes with disk brake in front and drum type brake on rear wheel. But in terms of on road performance Honda CB Shine brakes are more capable than the Bajaj Discover 125.

The shock absorbers of the both bikes are quite same in type. Here both bike come with telescopic front shock absorber and the rear’s is spring loaded double shock absorber. But the Discover 125 rear shock absorbers are Nitrox gas charged for better shock absorbing feature.

Here from personal riding experience Honda Shine 125 shock absorbers are softer in character. On the other side Bajaj delivers quite rigid suspension experience which is likely good for carrying heavy pillion regularly.


Honda CB Shine 125 VS Bajaj Discover 125 - Riding Position & Other Comparison

Both the bike Honda CB Shine VS Bajaj Discover 125 designed with same type of riding features. Here both the bike riding position is upright; where the seating position, handle bar and other controlling levers are set for upright riding.

Both the bike comes with quite same type of hill & toe type gear lever, sharee guard, single piece grab rail, chain cover, leg guard etc. Here Bajaj Discover 125 front wheel mud guard is longer in size to protect more from mud & dust. On counter CB Shine has the advancement as its handle-bar control switches are more quality full than the Discover 125.


Honda CB Shine 125 VS Bajaj Discover 125 - Specification Comparison

Coming to the core capability of both the bikes Honda CB Shine VS Bajaj Discover 125 before the core discussion here we have arranged the specification comparison table of the both bikes. Before our discussion on technical comparison you can take a look on that comparison table. Here you may get some clear view of both of the bikes.

SpecificationHero GlamourHonda CB Shine
EngineAir cooled, 4 Stroke single cylinder, OHCAir cooled, 4 Stroke single cylinder, SI engine
Displacement124.7 cc124.7 cc
Bore x Stroke52.4mm x 57.8mm52.4mm x 57.8mm
Compression Ratio9.1:19.2:1
Valve System2 Valve2 Valve
Maximum Power6.72KW (9.1PS) @ 7000RPM7.88 KW (10.57BHP) @ 7500RPM
Maximum Torque10.35 NM @ 4000RPM10.30 NM @ 5500RPM
Fuel SupplyCarburetorCarburetor
IgnitionAMI - Advanced Microprocessor Ignition SystemNot Found

*All the specifications are subject to change upon company rules, policy, offer & promotion. BikeBD is not liable for the changes.


Honda CB Shine 125 VS Bajaj Discover 125 - Engine Comparison

The Honda CB Shine 125 VS Bajaj Discover 125 both the bike engine designed under same general technical platform. Both of them comes with single cylinder, four stroke air cooled carburetor feed engine.

Both engines designed with two valves but Discover 125 comes with DTS-I that means digital twin spark ignition feature. On the other side Honda CB Shine 125 comes with regular single spark plug operation.

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Here both the bike engine displacement is quite same. But Bajaj Discover 125 cylinder dimension and compression ratio has not specified on their official website. Hence some of the major discussion on engine we avoided here.

According to specification both the bike delivers quite same rating of power and torque. Here Discover 125 power and torque rating is little higher than the Honda CB Shine but differences are really minimal (Source).

On counter CB Shine’s maximum power output comes in lower RPM than the Discover 125 which also minimal and ignorable. So considering both of the bikes specification they are very much equal in engine performance rating.


Honda CB Shine 125 VS Bajaj Discover 125 - Performance Comparison

Considering official specification of both Honda CB Shine 125 VS Bajaj Discover 125 engine performances is quite equal. But if we consider on track result and riders experience those show different picture. Those real track result shows both of the bikes different capability and those really makes some difference between them.

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Considering power delivery and engine performance CB Shine delivers very smooth and vibration free operation at any of its speed. But Discover 125 engine is not much refined as like CB Shine and it has vibration.


Therefore availing the top speed and aggressive throttling in Discover 125 is not pleasant like Honda CB Shine. But on counter Bajaj Discover 125 ensures significant amount of fuel economy. Bajaj officially claims as 82.4kmpl fuel economy on Discover 125 under standard testing condition. And in real on the road it really gives much more mileage than the Honda CB Shine.

Another term to be considered as CB Shine comes with 4-speed gear box where Discover 125 comes with 5-speed gears. The engine power and capability of Shine comes through this 4 different speed gears. Hence it’s compact, tight, punchy and smooth as comparing it’s a low powered commuter engine.

On the other side Discover 125 delivers the same power and capability with extensive 5 speed gears. Resulting Discover 125 user will face frequent gears changing in traffics and terrain changes. Therefore it’s quite lagged & lazy operating small power with 5 gears.

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Honda CB Shine 125 VS Bajaj Discover 125 - Sum Up

So dear readers you may have little puzzled after our discussion on engine and specification part. And you may have the question why one will spent more money over another if they featured with quite same feature.

Hence though we have segregated most of the sides of both bikes which marked different pictures but you may need a sum up from our end. So let’s get few clues to sum up.

Firstly don’t forget Honda offers literary a well balanced package of service, performance, reliability and durability. Those are ensured worldwide under their brand name Honda. Therefore Honda product has its own price tag which customer can undoubtedly pay for the hassle-free and reliable service.

On the counter Bajaj Discover series is dedicated series of commuter motorcycles which is committed with commuting features. Hence the mileage, low price, low price spare parts and country wide maintenance service is the core advancement of the Discover series. So here is the difference which you may consider at the end to sum up and making your decision.

So readers that was all about our discussion on our Honda CB Shine 125 VS Bajaj Discover 125 Comparison Review. Wish you got a clearer view of both of the bikes comparing each others capability and weaknesses. Hope you have enjoyed our discussion.

Please feel free to ask on your confusions or place your evidences. Therefore stay connected with us and thank you all for joining with us.

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question:

1. Which is the latest bike of Honda In Bangladesh?

Ans- Honda Has many awesome bikes in our Bangladesh and also these bikes are so much popular for their built quality and performance. Recently they launch "The New Honda CB Shine SP" & "Honda CBR 150R ABS".

2. What is the price of Honda bike In Bangladesh?

Ans- There are many bikes and scooters of Honda In our country. The price of the bikes and scooter is different from each other. We already have an article and a page about all the Honda motorcycles and scooters price. The Article is "Honda Bike Price In BD".

3. Which is the best fuel efficiency bike from Honda?

Ans- First of all we know there are 80-160cc Honda bikes in our country. So if I say that 80cc is the best fuel efficiency bikes in Honda but on condition of looks and design the 80cc is not good enough for this modern age.

So by thinking all circumstance I would say that "Honda CB Trigger" is the best fuel efficiency bikes in Honda.

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Published by Saleh

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