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Honda CB Hornet 160R VS Pulsar NS160 VS Apache RTR 160 - Battle of 160

Last updated on 21-Dec-2023 , By Saleh

Coming to the upcoming battle of 160cc bike in Bangladesh the brands like Honda, Bajaj & TVS already placed in position of fight in web and within the gathering of coffee cup. Hence the rivals are still not available in our market and the fight placed only on virtual ground. But to fuel up this fight even in virtual here is our Honda CB Hornet 160R VS Pulsar NS160 VS Apache RTR 160 - Battle of 160. Hence it’s not only stimulation but we are with detailed comparison. Let’s head in.

Honda CB Hornet 160R VS Pulsar NS160 VS Apache RTR 160 - Battle Of 160

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Honda CB Hornet 160R VS Pulsar NS160 VS Apache RTR 160

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Honda CB Hornet 160R VS Pulsar NS160 VS Apache RTR 160 Overview

After the relaxation of the motorcycle engine cc limit, we are quite sure of the arrival of these three bikes in Bangladesh. Though there is no official update of the specific launching date of those bikes but we are hopeful at least one of those will be available before this year ends. And we are sure about the rests to be launched within New Years first quarter. Whatsoever, lets introduce the rivals here in Honda CB Hornet 160R VS Pulsar NS160 VS Apache RTR 160 Overview.

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Honda CB Hornet 160R

The Honda CB Hornet 160R is the robust 160cc category bike from Honda.  The product originated from the Honda Unicorn 160 but it better tuned to grab street sports category. Hence Honda CB Hornet 160R not only in India but also marketed in the countries of South America and in other Asian countries with different badge.

In India it launched at the end of 2015 and due to engine capacity restriction it didn’t launched in BD. Hence after the cc limit relaxation Bangladesh Honda PVT. Limited is going to launch this machine in our market soon.

Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Here the Bajaj Pulsar NS160 is the younger sibling of the Pulsar NS Series. The Pulsar NS badge is signed as Naked Sports. Hence after launching the Bajaj NS 200 there was a rumor that Bajaj may launch a 150cc capacity of Pulsar NS for Bangladesh.

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But Bajaj didn’t launch that and released Pulsar AS150 which was completely a different machine and designed for touring. And this time the after expansion of engine cc limit Bajaj is going to launch the all new Pulsar NS160 soon in Bangladesh.

TVS Apache RTR 160

The third competitor of our today’s discussion is TVS Apache RTR 160. Yes there is millions of fans of Apache RTR 150 in Bangladesh. This is one of the fastest and also economical bikes in 150cc category.

TVS Auto Limited also markets this 150cc model in South America and other Asian countries. But in Bangladesh there was a rumor that the RTR 150 & RTR 160 is same machine which different only in papers. Hence true is that both machine is completely different and engine profile is far different from each other. For enthusiasts we have described this term earlier. You can clarify yourself from our TVS Apache RTR 150 VS Apache RTR 160 Comparison Review.

>>Click Here For The TVS Apache RTR 160 First Impression Video<<


Honda CB Hornet 160R VS Pulsar NS160 VS Apache RTR 160 Looks & Appearance

In comparison of looks and appearance of Honda CB Hornet 160R VS Pulsar NS160 VS Apache RTR 160 we can say all the bikes here sports designed bike and have distinctive appeal & appearance.

Here Honda CB Hornet 160R is going to be the brand new face in Bangladesh. The bike is very good designed sports looked bike from Honda after a long time. Honda R&D very carefully designed this bike in blend of civility as well as much aggressiveness.

It looks damn sharp from head to tail but no one can complain as that not matches with his age or personality. Moreover sharp edged, bulky but compact body design with bloated exhaust and most significantly the X-shape tail-lamp and fatter rear tire is much more appealing for the young riders. In addition this bike is very consciously designed for better comfort & safety.

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Coming to the Bajaj Pulsar NS160 it’s a very aggressive looked true sports naked machine. It’s one and only identity we can describe is its naked aggressiveness. Its HE-MAN attitude already took place within millions of Pulsar NS fans in Bangladesh.

The NS160 is designed directly cloning the design of NS200. Hence our enthusiasts are so excited as they are getting the same design like Pulsar NS200 though the engine is smaller. But they are already happy of that muscled machine.

Talking about Apache RTR 160, its looks & design already is frequent and known in BD. There is nothing to introduce this machine as already we are using same designed machine but with 150cc engine.

But in comparison Apache RTR 160 is a good looking machine. Its aggressive eyebrow DRL & slashed tail-lamp gives its distinct identity. Moreover sharp and cutting edge profile created a different craze and acceptance among the young riders.

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Honda CB Hornet 160R VS Pulsar NS160 VS Apache RTR 160 Wheel, Brake & Suspension

In terms of wheel, brake & suspension system the Honda CB Hornet 160R is much advanced with features. Here in this Honda CB Hornet 160R VS Pulsar NS160 VS Apache RTR 160 comparison Hornet got wider tire on its wheels.  Its 100mm in front and 140mm wider in rear. The wheels are equipped with all alloy rim with tubeless tires.

The braking system of Hornet comes with CBS Combi-braking system with equalizer as standard. But there is also option of rear drum brake for economical buyers. Coming to the suspension system Hornet comes with telescopic fork in front and mono shock absorber at rear.

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The Bajaj Pulsar NS160 comes with all alloy rim with tubeless tires. Here the tires are quite narrow in terms of 160cc bike as its 80mm in front and 110mm in rear. The NS160 comes with disk brake in front wheel only and rear brake is conventional drum type. Bajaj didn’t even given any option for rear disk brake.

The suspension system of NS160 is telescopic type in front and rear one is mono shock absorber. Here the rear mono shock absorber is charged with gas that Bajaj mentioned as Nitrox mono shock absorber with canister.

The TVS Apache RTR 160 is little more advanced than NS160 in terms of wheel & brakes. RTR-160 comes with 90mm tire in front and 110mm tire in rear wheel. The tires are tubeless type and rims are all alloy.

Moreover RTR-160 got disk braking system on both front & rear wheel. But there is an option of drum brake on rear wheel for economical buyers. Hence coming to the suspension system RTR 160 comes with telescopic fork suspension in front. But unfortunately this bikes rear suspension system is are double unit and that charged with gas canister.

  Honda CB Hornet 160R VS Pulsar NS160 VS Apache RTR 160

Honda CB Hornet 160R VS Pulsar NS160 VS Apache RTR 160 Seating & Riding

Considering seating and riding behavior of Honda CB Hornet 160R VS Pulsar NS160 VS Apache RTR 160 there is only few things to mention. Here all the three bikes designed with quite same style of riding posture. But of-course there is few differences.

Here Honda CB Hornet 160R comes with solid one piece seat with very comfortable sporty upright riding position. The handlebar is one piece pipe handle that positioned in upright mode. Hence seating & riding will be much more easy and comfortable in Hornet along with wider tire and rear mono suspension no doubt.

Secondly the Pulsar NS160 is an aggressive attitude bike with split type sporty handle bar. Here the seat also segmented and positioned in different height. But no worry as the sporty handlebar height is much in higher level than the rider seat height.

Hence riding and controlling would not tough in NS160 but split handlebar has some limitation for sure. Moreover thin tires have the less stability on the corners and also in loose surfaces.

Considering seating, riding and controlling TVS Apache RTR 160 is quite in aggressive position. This bike is designed with quite aggressive attitude. Seating is very good in this bike even with pillion.

But with lower height clip on handle bar with front focused weight distribution made this bike controlling quite tough. It feels tough in high speed situation and when dealing with sudden situations. Other than extreme situation riding in normal sequence Apache RTR 160 will be stable enough as it designed far different than RTR 150.


Honda CB Hornet 160R VS Pulsar NS160 VS Apache RTR 160 Specification Comparison

Before heading in the core discussion on Honda CB Hornet 160R VS Pulsar NS160 VS Apache RTR 160 we should learn more detail about the bikes. For learning in detail from official specifications here we have arranged the specification comparison of the bikes. Please take a look on the table for more specific comparison.

SpecificationHonda CB Hornet 160RBajaj Pulsar NS160TVS Apache RTR 160
EngineAir Cooled, 4 Stroke,2-Valve, SI EngineSingle Cylinder, Four Stroke, Oil Cooled, 4-Valve DTS-I EngineAir Cooled, 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder Engine
Displacement162.71 cc160.3cc159.7 cc
Bore x Stroke57.30mm x 63.09mmNot Found62mm x 52.9mm
Compression Ratio10:1Not Found9.5:1
Maximum Power11.68 KW (15.66BHP) / 8,500RPM11.6KW (15.3 BHP) @ 8,500RPM11.19 KW (15.2BHP) / 8,500RPM
Maximum Torque14.76 Nm / 6500RPM14.6 NM @ 6,500RPM13.1 Nm / 6,000RPM
Fuel SupplyCarburetorCarburetorUCAL BS-26 Carburetor
IgnitionCDICDI (with multi-mapping)CDI
Starting MethodElectric & Kick StartElectric & KickElectric & Kick Start
Clutch TypeWet, Multiple-DiscWet, Multiple-DiscWet, Multiple-Disc
LubricationWet SumpWet SumpWet Sump
TransmissionConstant mesh 5-speed, 1-N-2345Constant Mesh 5-speedConstant mesh 5-speed, 1-N-2345


Frame TypeDiamondDiamondDouble Cradle SynchroSTIFF
Dimension (LxWxH)2,041mm x 783mm x 1,067mm2,012mm x 803mm x 1,060mm2,085mm x 730mm x 1,105mm
Wheelbase1,345mm1,363 mm1,300mm
Ground Clearance164mm176 mm165mm
Saddle HeightNot FoundNot FoundNot Found
Kerb Weight140(STD) / 142(CBS) KG142 Kg137Kg
Fuel Capacity:12 Liters12 LitersNot Found

Wheel, Brake & Suspension

Suspension (Front/Rear)Telescopic / MonoshockTelescopic with Anti-friction Bush / Nitrox mono shock absorber with CanisterTelescopic Forks, 105mm Stroke / Monotube Inverted Gas-filled shox (MIG) with spring aid
Brake system (Front/Rear)Front 276mm Disc; Rear 220mm Disk(CBS) /130mm Drum240mm Hydraulic Disk / 130mm Mechanical DrumFront 270mm Petal Disc; Rear 200 mm Petal Disc / 130 mm Drum Brake
Tire size (Front / Rear)Front 100/80-17; Rear 140/70-17 Both TubelessFront: 80/100-17”, 46P; Rear: 110/80-17”, 57P Both TubelessFront 90/90 x 17" ; Rear 110/80 x 17" Both Tubeless

Battery12V 35/35W12V Full DC MF12V 35/35W
Head lamp12V 4Ah (MF)H4 (12V 55/60W)12V 4Ah (MF)
SpeedometerFull DigitalDigital display with analog rev counterDigital display with analog rev counter

*All the specifications are subject to change upon company rules, policy, offer & promotion. BikeBD is not liable for the changes.


Honda CB Hornet 160R VS Pulsar NS160 VS Apache RTR 160 Engine & Performance

In comparison of Honda CB Hornet 160R VS Pulsar NS160 VS Apache RTR 160 here we are in discussion on the engine & performance of the bikes. Here all the bikes 160cc street sports category bike. Engines are developed quite in same platform where power & performance figures are also very near to same. But of-course their capability & performance differs according to the technical features.

Here Honda CB Hornet 160R power & toque figure is higher than other two. It also comes with a mentionable compression ratio of 10:1. Hence being a longer stroke engine its acceleration will be significant in lower to mid RPM range. But in higher RPM range it will not give any extra benefit of gaining comparative top speed as its cylinder stroke is longer than the bore. But of-course it will ensure significant mileage than the rivals.

Secondly the Bajaj Pulsar NS160 official power and torque figure put it in between Hornet & RTR 160. But we can’t predict precisely as they didn’t disclosed the bore & stroke size of the cylinder and even the compression ratio. But overall being an oil-cooled 4-valve DTS-I engine it can accelerate fast and give a linear throttle response within the RPM limit which is the core feature of Pulsar NS-Series.

Lastly here TVS Apache RTR 160 is literary a performance machine though there is some complain of controlling of the bike in high speed. Even the RTR 150 claimed huge for its engine vibration. But here we can expect the RTR 160 engine could be much smoother than the 150cc RTR as its cylinder size is completely different.

Its Over Square engine will put the rider in feelings of smother acceleration and also allow significant top speed. Lastly Apache RTR series also famous for significant mileage figure.

Honda CB Hornet 160R VS Pulsar NS160 VS Apache RTR 160

Honda CB Hornet 160R VS Pulsar NS160 VS Apache RTR 160 - Verdict

So readers here we are at the end of our Honda CB Hornet 160R VS Pulsar NS160 VS Apache RTR 160 comparison review. Here we already put enough clues in our discussion to favor the right bike according to our riders focus & need.

Truly all the three machine here is capable, nice and all new addition in our motorcycle market. Maybe some of the machines look or design is quite frequent to us. But truth is that we have been using degraded machines due to our cc limitation. Hence after getting permission of 165cc now we can test the real taste of origin if the companies don’t go for further modification specifically for our market.

Hence according to our assessment & prediction Honda CB Hornet 160R is the all purpose solid street machine. Literary it will drive out many of the present 150cc bikes from the track by its design, smoothness, performance and durability.

The Pulsar NS160 will be the hot candy for the youth no doubt. Its distinct look, design & attitude will rule the youngster’s heart as there are millions of NS200 lovers struggling and waiting for the blood of Pulsar NS in our land.

Lastly again Apache RTR 160 will kill from behind. As much we predict it will be the true speed machine in its category. Though we are already very much frequent of its look and appearance but in terms of performance it may jump on the track with new stimulation for sure.

So readers, here is all about our Honda CB Hornet 160R VS Pulsar NS160 VS Apache RTR 160 – Battle of 160. Hope you have enjoyed our ride through the battle of 160. Feel free to share & comment from your end and stay tuned with us. Thank you all. Stay with us for more updated motorcycle news with our Facebook Fan Page & Do Subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

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